David Thibodeau

Dave. Notice that hand tooled bass! Fred Pike’s wife Sylvia did some magnificent leather work.

David Thibodeau jams with his dad,Clint Dockery (guitar) and Bob Denoncourt in Polk City, FL.

Dave and Abbot Vaughn Meader (Vaughn Meader was 27 when “The First Family,” his musical spoof of the Kennedys, became the best-selling album in history. A year later, the president he had become famous for impersonating was dead. Meader spoke to David Isay about his life before and after. http://www.soundportraits.org/in-print/magazine_articles/vaughn_meader/

Shelby’s first public performance, 2003. Boys are bandleader Steve Jones sons, Sam and Micah, their first time out as well. Head in back is drummer and Shelby’s drum and piano teacher, Richard ‘Dickie-Do’ Hollis

Shelby helping Daddy change strings – Shelby was about 3 or 4. No wonder these kids turn out to be musicians. They are around it their whole lives.

Big Chief “Portland’s premiere swing, soul and roots rock champs” 

I told you he was GOOD. Check this out. He’s playing that with one hand!

Dave and Sam. Bob Denoncourt, and probably Marc or Billy on bass. 1976

Dave’s daughter Shelby’s first day with drum set, 7th birthday, 2000
Another version of the Kennebec Valley Boys – Bill, Dave, Fred, Sam, Billy