Sam Tidwell

Sam was honored with the Boston Bluegrass Union’s Heritage Award. From the BBU’s website: “Heritage awards are presented each year by the BBU to honor those who have made substantial contributions to furthering bluegrass in New England. The awards were presented during the 26th annual Joe Val Bluegrass Festival, Presidents Day Weekend, February 18-20, 2011, at the Sheraton Framingham, Framingham, MA”. Sam and his sons Billy and Dave
performed on Saturday from 11:30-12:00.

The Singing River Ramblers 1955

Sam (Pascoag. RI), Dick Krupicka ( St. Cloud, MN), Jerry Holmes (Seguin, TX) caller, Wayne Bradfield (Tulsa, OK), Dean Witt (Odessa, WA)
Dick Williams
Dick Williams, Grem Ferris & The Country Wranglers Front: Frankie Hobson, Vinnie Doyle, George Paine, Sam Back: Grem and Dick 1959
??????? Country

The Pike Brothers & Pine Hill Ranchers mid 60’s

Sam, Earl, Gordon, Earlene, Fred & Dave Papuga. Photo courtesy of David Thibodeau, Sam’s son.

The Country Cut-Ups 1960’s

Jimmy Moore, Sam, Carl Rebello, Roger Williams, Bobby

The original Cedar Mountain Boys 1962

Back: Bobby Thibodeau and Tom Riley (aka Floyd Bradley)
Front: Ollie (“String Bean”) Stedman and  Sam

(Bobby was in the class of 1965 – this kid wasn’t even out of high school and he was playing professionally!)

Fred Pike-Sam Tidwell & Kennebec Valley Boys

Dave Staber, Sam, Fred Pike, Bob Denoncourt, Nelson Whipple

Don Stover & White Oak Mtn. Boys

Sam played guitar when he was a member of the White Oak Mountain Boys during the time Don played at the Stickey Wicket Pub in Hopkinton, MA and on a Canadian tour

These photos were all taken at the Flamingo Hotel in Ontario, Canada

Sam Tidwell & Kennebec Valley Folks

Sam , Liz and Stan Keach 1979
KVB 1977 Fred Pike, Bill Kimball, Dave & Sam Thibodeau

The Prospectors, Carl Allen’s Cafe, Auburndale, FL

Bob called up to do a song

Fred Pike Festival 1995

David Thibodeau: “The last time we were all together”
Dave, guitar – Billy, mando – Sam, banjo – Marc, Bass
Same day: Dave, Marc, Billy, Edie, Sam, Kathy, Lyn

Sam Tidwell Tribute Day

Uncle Jim Reilly and The Westones 1957 WNRI

Standing: Sam, Jim, Hank Lockwood, Patsy Reilly, Seated: Cousin Darlene and Jimmy Bulris

Dick Williams and the Country Wranglers

Sam, George Paine, Billy Simpson, Dick Williams 1958
Front: George Paine, Joey Haywood, Sam, Frankie Hobson. Standing: Dick & Grem 1960
Lone Star Ranch at Reed’s Ferry, NH
Sam, working on a dobro as Linda & Mark look on.

Martin Mull????? Yes! 1964

You’ve heard the story…here he is. It’s true, Martin Mull really was into Bluegrass AND he picked with Sam.
Sam’s son Dave contributed this photo.
Dave notes: ” Dad with Les Daniels on banjo and an as yet unknown Martin Mull” 
Club 47 Cambridge, MA  1964
Version 2 of CMB:
Charlie Smith, Bob Smith, Sam
Version 3 of CMB:
Left to right:
Charlie Smith, Sam, Bob Smith (not related to Charlie), and Bob Peelstrom

Tidwell Bros. & Cedar Mtn. Boys

Sam (Thibodeau) Tidwell, Hardy Brendle, Bobby (Thibodeau) Tidwell, Bob Denoncourt

Wade Hill & Bluegrass Professionals

Sam on mandolin and Wade on banjo

Jud Strunk at VMI 1975

Sam and Fred Pike on tour with Jud Strunk. Front row left.
This was taken at VMI (Virginia Military Institute) 1975
Jud is 2nd from the left in the back

Original Kennebec Valley Boys

Sam, Jim Rassmussen, Bill Kimball, Bobby

Award winning KVB 1975 Best Bluegrass in Maine
Sam, Bill Kimball, Bob Denoncourt, Fred Pike, and MC Bill Clement

KVB 1976 Sam, Bob Denoncourt, Bill Kimball, Fred Pike

Somewhere in Skowhegan, ME about 1975

Dick Thornley, Sam, Bob, Bobby
Bobby, Dick, Sam, Bob

Billy’s Festival, Sept. 2005

Brat Pack: Dave, Kathy, Billy, Lyn, Marc
Billy, Dave on bass, Sam, Marc